Why do 250 million people in the world use Mind Mapping?

Giulia Comba

Tony Buzan Senior Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor
Giulia Comba - The Mind Mapping Lady


In addition to scientific research, the method is based on the study and research of the brilliant minds of the past: Leonardo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein used images and connections representing streams of thought.


It is based on the studies of neurophysiology, psychology and psycholinguistics that determine the way the brain works. In fact, the language of the brain is not the words but consists of images and connections in a radial structure.


It is a method of thinking that translates into a visual code, immediate, simple and structured. A pencil, a sheet, colors and your brain. We do not need anything else to speed up, stimulate and amplify our creative thinking.

How can Mind Mapping put your thoughts in order and free your creativity?

Disegno Mappa Mentale

Mind mapping is a visual tool for representing your thoughts’ processes, developed by the English cognitivist Tony Buzan.
It facilitates and enhances all our intellectual function: memory, learning, analysis and planning skills.

Mind Mapping strongly stimulates our creativity by raising the effectiveness of mental processes thanks to the combination of images, colors and spatial structures.

This method allows us to trace our thoughts with a view from above and through “key conceptsthat enlighten millions of new connections.

Giulia Comba introduces herself

Tony Buzan Senior Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor

I graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. I applied my knowledge in design and aesthetics to the world of communication.

I have devoted myself to training for many years, researching and teaching the best strategies to communicate with our heart and brain, both of us and others.

I am Instructor Certified by Tony Buzan for Mind Mapping and Competent Communicator and Leader within Toastmasters International.

The passion for communication as a tool for conflict prevention led me to the Certification in Mediation of Conflicts in Organizations at SUPSI, University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland in Lugano, where I also collaborate with the Action4 training school, teaching Effective, Persuasive Communication and Public Speaking.

A new stimulating project at the Politecnico di Milano, allows me to teach young engineering students the Mind Mapping and the Public Speaking in an integrated path of innovative teaching.

Foto Giulia Comba

Let me introduce you Tony Buzan, Father and Inventor of Mind Maps

Tony Buzan is one of the highest authorities in the world in the field of learning techniques and the inventor of the original “Mind Maps ®”. He was nominated by Forbes magazine as one of the 5 most influential speakers in the world and in 2016 he was awarded the prestigious Toastmasters award, the Golden Gavel, as well as being repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

With over 50 years of brain research, Tony Buzan has dedicated his life to developing and refining techniques to help people better use their thought processes and develop their creativity, reaching full potential.
He has written more than 100 books distributed in 250 countries and translated into 35 languages.

Watch my intervention on stage with Tony Buzan

Giulia Comba and Tony Buzan - The Mind Mapping Lady

Above during a personal growth event, My Master called me on stage to demonstrate how Mental Maps can be the most effective way to take notes during a conference and store them at the same time.

If you want to know further here, you can hear directly from his words what are the potentialities of the method, and what studies have led him in 50 years of research to revolutionize the world of learning and reasoning.

In which area can I apply Mind Maps

At work in some large companies they have substituted “meeting reports”. In the study they constitute an incredible memorization method. In everyday life they simplify and speed up planning with a creative and fun method.

The applications of Mind Mapping are endless, as our mental capacity is infinite. Memorize, plan, take notes, make decisions, organize, simplify, study, summarize and everything that literally comes to mind!

Would you like to attend my course and apply the Method of Mind Maps now?

Nowadays, companies, trainers and individuals are constantly looking for ways to improve performance: doing more with less, effective strategies for managing change and ways of learning and organizing that save time.

The Official Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner awakens the genius within you, conveying a way of representing thought that stimulates creativity, enhances mental abilities and trains the brain to exploit its infinite resources.

An extremely practical day course that will allow you to learn a totally new but intuitive, fast and stimulating way to your thoughts and creativity.

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